Saving Marvel (Satan's Devils MC Second Generation #4)

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I became a member of the Satanís Devils MC to escape from my past.
Copyright: Trish Haill Associates 2023
I love this mismatched family that Iíve joined, would give my life for the club, but something always keeps me slightly apart.

Iíve watched as my brothers have found partners and settled down, seen them have kids and have played a sideline role in their upbringing, but never had any yearning to find someone for myself.

More than thirty years back, I learned women canít be trusted. Itís a lesson I took to heart.

If I never fall in love again, I canít be hurt and my world wonít be torn apart.

I was betrayed in the worst of ways by the man I loved. Even now, itís hard to put what he did into words.

But I donít need to speak for myself, everyone knows. And everyone blames me. Me, whoíd had no idea what was going on.

Traumatised, I try to hide from the world.

But even a reclusive woman has to emerge sometimes. I didnít expect to get caught up in a major incident, nor to be forced into close proximity with a biker named Marvel.

I didnít expect weíd have so much in common.

Can two broken souls come together to make a whole?