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The almost-as-tall-as-me girl with the blue hair intrigued me. As is my normal practice, Iíd give her one night, but thatís all. Except, I found, it wasnít enough. I should have kept to my own rules, but I didnít. I went back.
Itís not forever, Iím not that kind of man. Sheís not for me, sheís a citizen and not someone to be pulled into our underworld.

Except as I found out, I didnít need to pull her in, she was already there.
Now Iím sitting in a jail cell when it should be her here, not me.

I saw Ink and wanted him, just as simple as that. While I knew there was no future with the biker, I was sure I could guard my heart and not fall for him.

My life was normal and uncomplicated. Until my estranged brother dumped me in a middle of a mess, a fiasco which ended up with Ink taking the rap.

Why did he sacrifice himself? Surely he wouldnít be in jail if he didnít care?

But whether he does or not doesnít matter if heís going to be there for the best part of his life.
Inkís looking at a thirty year sentence and Itís all my fault.