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While serving as a Marine, my husband survived when an explosion took out the transport he was travelling in. He lived but suffered a traumatic brain injury which wiped his memory.

What do you do when your husband doesn’t recognise you or his young son? What if living together is doing neither of you any favours? After two years of trying and we still weren’t more than strangers, I accepted defeat and we parted.

Cas, our son, has grown into an unruly teenager, getting into trouble and needing a father’s guiding hand. At my wits’ end, I set out to find his dad, hoping after all these years, he might have his memory back, or at least, be persuaded to play some part in the life of the son he didn’t accept he had.


Lizard had been right to worry about the girl wanting her ‘Property of’ tat removed. Putting a patch on someone has meaning in our world. Before we covered it up, we needed to discover who had claimed her as theirs.

I’m a confirmed bachelor, but when we found out who’d put their name on her back, I was one of the first to offer my protection to her, and the kid she brought along with her.